2022 XtraGift Promo

Cashback Rewards

The Mid-Year XtraGift Bonus
Cashback is Back!

This means that with a few fresh deposits and some new enthusiastic
referrals eager to invest, you can WIN fantastic luxurious Tech gifts.

It’s about time your hard work paid off. Encourage new and existing
clients to invest and earn, and as a result you will not only get the usual COMMISSIONS,
but secure some great REWARDS too!

Check out the amazing gifts we have on offer, and enter the contest
now to win the returns you deserve for being
a valued MERCO Partner.


GIFT Prize:


To be eligible to claim the Mid Year XtraGift Bonus and Cashback Reward of your choice,
simply meet the corresponding target listed in the table below!

1st Prize
MacBook Pro 14-INCH
or cash equivalent $2,000 - (1 Piece)
250,000 USD net deposits 100 new clients
2nd Prize
MacBook Pro 13-INCH
OR CASH EQUIVALENT $1,300 - (1 Piece)
150,000 USD net deposits 75 new clients
3rd Prize
Ipad Pro 11-INCH
OR CASH EQUIVALENT $1,200 - (1 Piece)
100,000 USD NET DEPOSITS 50 new clients
4th Prize
Iphone 13 Pro Max
OR CASH EQUIVALENT $1,100 - (2 Pieces)
50,000 USD net deposits 30 new clients
5th Prize
Sony PS 5
OR CASH EQUIVALENT $500 - (2 Pieces)
25,000 USD net deposits 20 NEW CLIENTS
6th Prize
DJI drone 2 mini
OR CASH EQUIVALENT $500 - (3 Pieces)
25,000 USD net deposits 20 NEW CLIENTS
7th Prize
Apple Watch series 7
OR CASH EQUIVALENT $400 - (5 Pieces)
15,000 USD net deposits 10 NEW CLIENTS


1ST JUNE 2022 - 30TH JUNE 2022

How To Participate:

Draws and gifts are available weekly.

* Terms and conditions apply! *

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